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Shipping Time -- We do our best to ship all orders as timely as possible. Please keep in mind when ordering a set of Pazzo Racing Levers that these are not "on the shelf" products. Each set is hand built to the customer specifications for length, color and year/make/model of motorcycle. Please keep in mind there is hundreds of items to keep in stock to make all of this happen and we do run out of things from time to time. Recent shipping times from Canada to get more inventory can extend to two weeks with weekends in-between. We ask for patience while we wait for the same product you are waiting for and know you will be happy in the end with such a high quality product.

We cannot guarantee when an order will arrive. Consider any shipping or transit time offered to you by this site or other parties only as an estimate.

ATTENTION DEALERS RE: DROP SHIPS: Pro Gear Industries does not assume any liability for drop shipped items. We are not responsible for customers claiming they 'didn't receive' a package that shows delivered by the tracking number. We will be happy to help for packages lost by the courier before delivery but if tracking shows delivered there is nothing more we can do. This policy has been put into effect due to increasing number of fraudulent buyers we have been experiencing doing drop shipments to retail customers.